Seamstress is a documentary opera based on the collected oral histories of Palestinian women and girls from Donia Jarrar's family and community. Blending audio interviews, photography, and raw footage with live chamber orchestra and dance performances, Seamstress aims to create a moving and powerful portrait of love, strength, and resistance in the face of injustice… Continue Reading Seamstress

Text Me Watch Party

Youtube Live

Text Me follows a day in the life of 10 diverse women and non-binary female presenting people, depicting their fears, challenges, and barriers they face living in a world made for and catered to men. Although they don’t all know each other, their stories all tie together in an unspoken pact to keep each other… Continue Reading Text Me Watch Party

Paueru-Gai パウエル街 Premiere & On-Demand


Vancouver's history is Japanese immigration is explored through French Art Song and personal stories from creator, Luka Kawabata. Join the Paueru-Gai パウエル街 premiere & watch party on Nov. 2nd to catch an interview with the project creator, Luke Kawabata or experience this project on-demand from Nov. 2 - 7 2021. Artist Statement Paueru-Gai パウエル街 is… Continue Reading Paueru-Gai パウエル街 Premiere & On-Demand

HOLDING SPACE for disabled & chronically ill opera artists in Canada


Loose Tea Music Theatre and Opera Mariposa are partnering with Tapestry Opera to hold a series of open conversations for disabled and chronically ill artists in the Canadian opera sector. Join us to network, foster dialogue and build community in a safe, supportive space - or share your thoughts anonymously ahead of time! Who is… Continue Reading HOLDING SPACE for disabled & chronically ill opera artists in Canada

Indie Opera Hackathon Kickoff

Topia (Online)

Through the fast paced sprint of a hackathon, re:Naissance Opera is gathering creatives and experts from the Opera, Theatre, Digital Media, and Technology sector to build capacity and network through collaborative creation. A traditional hackathon could result in the development of web apps, mobile apps, hardware or software that address challenges in the tech sector.… Continue Reading Indie Opera Hackathon Kickoff

Rivers of Grief – A Journey Through the Underworld

Pyatt Hall 843 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Why do we tell stories? And why do certain myths resonate across centuries? Immerse yourself in the rivers of the Greek Underworld, as soprano Mireille Asselin, tenor Asitha Tennekoon, violinist Parmela Attariwala and pianist Perri Lo, explore the nature of grief and loss. Travel with them over the Styx on a musical journey featuring works… Continue Reading Rivers of Grief – A Journey Through the Underworld

Indie Producer’s Forum

Zoom / Topia

Emerging alongside new indie opera / music / theatre companies is a new kind of producer: one that plays an integral role in the creation, execution and dissemination of new works and performances. This forum is a networking and knowledge sharing session that will address the unique barriers independent artists and producers face in performing… Continue Reading Indie Producer’s Forum

Eurydice: Live From The Underworld

The Telus Theatre at the Chan 6265 Crescent Rd, Vancouver, BC, Canada

An interactive, digital live stream featuring the characters and worlds from OrpheusVR. Local audiences can attend the live stream as guests in the Telus Theatre and watch the inner workings of this motion capture operatic performance. Online audiences can experience the digital live stream via Youtube Live. Find out more about OrpheusVR! Tickets   Team… Continue Reading Eurydice: Live From The Underworld

New Opera, New Tech: Industry Pitch Sessions

Zoom / Topia

In spite of the challenges of the past year, opera and the performing arts sectors are emerging stronger than ever with new ideas for engaging diverse audiences. This session brings together leaders, artists and innovators from the tech and opera sectors to network and pitch bold new ideas for performances and co-productions. This pitch session… Continue Reading New Opera, New Tech: Industry Pitch Sessions

River Island

The Telus Theatre at the Chan 6265 Crescent Rd, Vancouver, BC, Canada

RIVER ISLAND (literal translation of “Kawashima”) is an in-development devised operatic piece that draws inspiration from the enigmatic life of Kawashima Yoshiko. Born a Manchu royal, raised in Japan, and endowed with the destiny of reestablishing the Qing Dynasty, Yoshiko was known for their multiple personas and various portraits: the Manchu Princess, the Japanese Spy,… Continue Reading River Island