The Apocrypha Chronicles

We sent a time capsule to the future.
The future found it.

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The year is 2156. A young archivist, Phe, has just discovered a digital time capsule dating back to 2020, the year of the first of the Great Pandemics.

Phe’s fascination with dangerous digital technology – poisons from before the Age of Symbiosis – upsets their mentor Lar, a bio-engineer. But a mysterious, living voice seems to be speaking through this ancient technology, hinting at a coming disaster that might threaten Phe and Lar’s world.

The Apocrypha Chronicles is a groundbreaking sci-fi / documentary podcast that uses generative storytelling and audio-drama to illuminate a conversation between our present and our future.




The FI

Rae Takei

Renae Morriseau

Mela Pietropaolo

creative team

Audio Producer & Mixer


Writer & Audio Producer

Co-Artistic Director & Composer


Co-Artistic Director & Executive Producer


Creative Producer

Natasha Aziz

Jessica Schacht

Paolo Pietropaolo

Benton Roark

Jessica McMann

Debi Wong

Stephanie Wong

Melanie Yeats

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