The Apocrypha Chronicles

We sent a time capsule to the future.
The future found it.

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The Apocrypha Chronicles Podcast Art. A figure walks in a forest with a path trailing behind.

Chart-Topping Audio Fiction

Return to the incredible story of x̌ʷay̓x̌ʷəy̓ and The Apocrypha Chronicles, the sci-fi audio drama podcast that topped Apple’s Canadian Sci-Fi charts and was a finalist in the New York Festivals Radio Drama awards . The Apocrypha Chronicles is a groundbreaking sci-fi / documentary podcast that uses generative storytelling and audio-drama to illuminate a conversation between our present and our future.

Season 2 has been recognized as an Official Selection for the New Jersey Web Fest, taking place September 21-24, 2023. We’re honoured to be nominated for Outstanding Science Fiction as a Narrative Fiction Podcast, as well as to receive 3 nominations for Audio Producer and Sound Designer, Rebecca Nolan, in the following categories: Best Editing, Best Sound Design (Environmental), and Best Sound Design (Overall).

The Apocrypha Chronicles Seasons 1 & 2 are now available on all podcast platforms!

In this new season, we follow the lives of people across Cascadia, aka the Pacific Northwest, 31 years after the events of Season 1. We’ll reunite with old friends—and connect with new ones.

Blending sci-fi storytelling, cutting edge sound design and the diverse lived experience of today’s artists, Season 2 dives deep into what it means to balance the call for expansion and the need to care for one another.

Bonus Episode: The Show Must Go On

Featuring Artists Raven Grenier, Renae Morriseau, Rae Takei, Jackson Wai Chung Tse, and Debi Wong, this bonus experience expands on the messages and artistry of the main podcast. Co-Directed by Debi Wong & Stephanie Wong; Director of Photography, Eric Sanderson; Video Editing by David Ng. Music Excerpts: ‘Catching Spirit’ by Raven Grenier, ‘Thislocation’ by the Chan Brothers, ‘Yesteryear’ by Benton Roark & Jessica McMann.

Listen to the album: Mycologue ImpriNts

Listen to Mycologue Imprints, which features music from Season 1 of The Apocrypha Chronicles, by composers Benton Roark and Jessica McMann. Available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

Take a Virtual Sound Walk

Explore this virtual Topia World and take a sound walk though the music of Mycologue Imprints.

Season 2 Cast


The Fungal Intelligence/Eden



Eli Wong



Zana Esfahani




Rae Takei

Mela Pietropaolo

Derek Chan (陳嘉昊)

Angela Chu

Yoshié Bancroft

Raven John

Diana Bang

Aryo Khakpour

Tiffany Ayalik

Inuksuk Mackay

Raugi Yu

S2 Creative Team

Season 2 was written by Jessica Schacht & Paolo Pietropaolo with contributions from Melanie Yeats, Benton Roark, Stephanie Wong & Debi Wong.


Actor Direction

Dramaturg & Casting Director

Sound Design

Audio Producers

Creative Producer

Executive Producer

Original Concept

Artistic Directors

Benton Roark & Jessica McMann.

Stephanie Wong

Melanie Yeats

Rebecca Nolan

Rebecca Nolan & Olivia Quan

Stephanie Wong

Debi Wong

Debi Wong & Benton Roark

Debi Wong & Benton Roark

Thank you to to those who contributed their stories about leaving to grow:
Renae Morriseau, Waubgeshig Rice, Cassandra Blondin Burt, Debi Wong, Modern Biology, & Angie Eckel

Very special thanks to Victor Guerin of the Musqueam for sharing his knowledge of the Hun’q’umi’num language and to Cassandra Blondin Burt for sharing their imagination.

S2 Commissioned artists

Renae Morriseau

Modern Biology

Desirée Dawson


Kyle Gryphon

Ruby Singh

The Apocrypha Chronicles Season 2 was made possible through generous support from The Canada Council for the Arts, and the Province of British Columbia.

This podcast was produced on the stolen lands of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations.

This season is dedicated to the memory of Olivia Quan.

Season 1 Cast & creative team



The FI

Audio Producer & Mixer


Writer & Audio Producer

Co-Artistic Director & Composer


Co-Artistic Director & Executive Producer


Creative Producer

Rae Takei

Renae Morriseau

Mela Pietropaolo

Natasha Aziz

Jessica Schacht

Paolo Pietropaolo

Benton Roark

Jessica McMann

Debi Wong

Stephanie Wong

Melanie Yeats

Canada Council for the Arts
City of Vancouver